Intra-Oral 3D Scanner

3D Scanning Technology

Riverview Dental Arts uses 3D scanning technology to take digital impressions with a small, wand-like scanner to create a virtual model of patients’ teeth. The digital scan takes a minute or less and replaces traditional impression materials that are bad tasting and commonly gag patients, especially considering the impression material can take up to 5 minutes to set.

Custom Crowns & Bridges

The 3D intraoral scans are used in a variety of applications. Dr. Espino uses advanced CAD/CAM and model building software to design and mill ceramic crowns and bridges that are customized for each individual patient.

Clear Aligners

The software along with 3D printers are also used to create orthodontic clear aligners in the office. This allows Dr. Espino to customize the treatment plan for each patient and deliver the first set of aligners within days. Dentists who use third party companies like Invisalign commonly take around 6 weeks to receive aligners. Learn more about clear aligners.