Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design technology allows Dr. Espino to educate patients and plan for cosmetic and orthodontic cases. It is common for patients to have complaints about their smile, the most common complaints revolving around color, spacing, shape, or having a “gummy” smile. Digital smile design software allows Dr. Espino to address those complaints and show the patient exactly what they would like if those issues were addressed with ceramic restorations like veneers.

How It Works

Pictures of the patient are taken and digital veneers are placed over the patient’s existing teeth to show them a new proposed smile. Changes can be made together with the patient until the perfect representation of the patients’ desires are met. A treatment plan is made to reflect these changes and once accepted by the patient a 3D version of the proposal is designed using 3D intraoral scanners and CAD/CAM software. A model of the patient’s new smile is 3D printed and is then used to mock up their new smile in their mouths. Any changes can again be made or noted as far as color or shape. Any necessary preparations or reductions are made to the patient’s teeth and the final ceramic veneers are fabricated.

Step By Step Restoration