Solea Dental Laser

Riverview Dental Arts offers procedures with Convergent Dental’s Solea Dental Laser

Imagine dental visits where there are no needles or drills. Going to the dentist gives most people various levels of anxiety, mostly revolving around the needles used for injected anesthetics and also with the high pitched sound and vibrations of dental drills. Modern laser technology solves this issue. At Riverview Dental Arts we use an all tissue laser called Solea that enables us to complete more than 60% of all filling procedures painlessly without anesthesia.

This means no pain, no needles, no numb feeling, and no drills other than what is needed to polish the filling once it is placed. Appointment lengths are reduced significantly, more fillings can be completed per visit, and patients are able to return to their lives without being numb for hours following the procedure.

Patients with moderate to advanced periodontal disease also highly benefit from Solea. Non-invasive laser therapies that do not require the use of a scalpel can be used to save teeth with bone loss and mobility. The healing time and any post-op discomfort are also significantly reduced as compared to more invasive therapies.

Dr. Espino is the Key Opinion Leader, or clinical specialist, for Solea in the state of Florida. He hosts events and continuing education courses for other dentists who wish to advance their knowledge in laser dentistry and will continue to push the boundaries in this growing field.

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