Frequently Asked Questions

What is Riverview Dental Arts’ practice philosophy?

At Riverview Dental Arts we believe that your care is as individual as you are. Our priority is to deliver the most comfortable and highest quality dental treatment that reflects your specific needs and goals.

Do you take my insurance?

We are an in-network provider for most PPO insurances.  There is a large difference between an in-network provider and an office that says they accept your insurance.  An in-network provider uses the insurance-based, discounted fee schedule for every procedure and will only collect from the patient the portion of the treatment not covered completely by the insurance.

Often an office will mislead patients by telling them that they take their insurance plan, making the patient believe they are an in-network provider.  In this case, the office uses their own fee schedule which is often much higher than the insurance-based fees and even though the office will collect money from the insurance company, the patient’s portion ends up being much higher.

Many offices also will charge the patient upfront for the full amount of their dental treatment and will reimburse them weeks to months later whatever the insurance pays, if anything.  Some offices even make the patient file their own claims to the insurance company.  At Riverview Dental Arts we collect only the estimated patients’ portion upfront and will bill the insurance for the rest.  Click here for our in-network insurance providers.

What should I expect as a new patient at my first visit?

Our friendly front staff will collect any necessary insurance information and will verify your insurance coverage for you. You will also be given a health history form to fill out if you have not already done so on the website. Once completed and your insurance is verified, a dental assistant will take digital x-rays and will also take a 3D intra-oral scan of your teeth. These digital x-rays and scans allow the doctor to diagnose and educate you on any issues found. The doctor can also use the scans along with advanced AI technology to immediately generate a digital smile design or orthodontic treatment simulation if you are interested in improving the esthetics of your smile.

The doctor and the treatment plan coordinator will go over an organized treatment plan based on all discussions and diagnoses and will discuss insurance coverage. There is no pressure to start or schedule treatment and time will be taken to ensure that any appointments made will be tailored specifically for that patient’s comfort and needs. If there are any openings in the schedule patients will be able to start treatment that same day with a cleaning or any other work in the treatment plan.

Is there anything I need to do before coming to my first visit?

Make sure to have your dental insurance information so that the front staff can verify your insurance. You may also fill out and submit health history forms on the website here so that your appointment will be expedited.

How does the office communicate with their patients to remind them of upcoming dental appointments?

Riverview Dental Arts uses the most advanced digital communication applications. Patients will receive their appointment reminders and will be able to confirm their appointments through text messages. This way they are not bothered by phone calls. They will also be able to communicate directly to the front staff via text messages.

What makes Riverview Dental Arts different from other dental practices?

Riverview Dental Arts is different from other dental practices because you are truly treated like family here. Our goal is to make you feel at home and to deliver the most comfortable experience possible by being understanding, compassionate, and friendly to everyone that walks through our doors. You will also have the experience of being treated with the highest level of laser and digital technology.

Our Solea laser allows us to complete the majority of fillings painlessly without needles or drills. You will also not have to gag on terrible tasting impressions since we utilize 3D digital scanners. Our state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology also allows us to take only 5 x-rays for new patient exams, while other offices take a total of 19 x-rays that can be very uncomfortable.

Even our implant placements are done non-invasively with digitally designed surgical guides to ensure perfect placement with limited to no trauma to surrounding tissue. However, even with the best technology, nothing is more priceless than having a staff who simply cares about your experience and strives for the highest level of customer service.

Be sure to check out what our patients are saying about us.

What does Riverview Dental Arts have to offer for patients with dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is a real issue that keeps patients from receiving dental treatment that they truly want to have completed, but can’t due to fear for various reasons. Dealing with dental anxiety needs to be built into the treatment plan so that the road to success is a comfortable one for the patient. Riverview Dental Arts uses several different sedation methods to ensure that all anxiety issues are addressed and that the patient is able to receive the care that they need with the most comfortable experience possible.

Do you offer payment plans?

Riverview Dental Arts accepts CareCredit and will help you apply and set up an account for your treatment. Also, some treatment plans may take several months to over a year to complete and the patient care coordinator can help set up an in-office payment plan to help the patient afford treatment.